Bob Bone Executive Director, Londonís New Yearís Day Parade

Londonís New Yearís Day Parade is celebrating the magic of the movies with a feast of free family entertainment for us all to enjoy.

London is a city synonymous with film Ė once the epicentre of the industry in terms of production and talent and the iconic backdrop for so many major feature films.

So whether you love Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, The Italian Job, or a superhero or two Ė there is something for everyone at LNYDP 2017.

London is a wonderful place at any time of year Ė but to my mind this city sparkles particularly brightly at Christmas and New Year.

Thirty-one years on from its modest beginnings, Londonís New Yearís Day Parade has become a great turn-of-year tradition with hundreds of thousands of people pouring in to the West End to marvel at the sights and sounds of our parade.

So do enjoy every moment of this marvellous holiday time in London and remember that the very best is yet to come Ė on January 1st.

Bring friends and family and be sure to secure your place along the route from Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, St Jamesís, Trafalgar Square, and Whitehall to Parliament Square.

The fun starts at 12 noon.

There may be a few grandstand tickets still available (for a really good view) at and do check out our terrific concert programme in some of Londonís iconic musical venues.

So may I take this opportunity to wish you a Very Merry Christmas Ė and assure you a Very Happy New Year.

Bob Bone, Executive Director, Londonís New Yearís Day Parade

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Bob Bone
Executive Director, 
Londonís New Yearís Day Parade